Aynva ensures that experts on its platform are qualified and meet all the standards and experience in providing genuine and quality advice. Aynva is a platform to seek the most genuine and reliable information on Alternative and Natural healthcare tips from the experts in the field of Yoga and Ayurveda as ancient Indian traditional way.

We are passionate bloggers who love to write or share all the benefits, precautions, tips & tricks of Health, Yoga, Physical exercise, Ayurvedic home remedies, Fitness educational, motivational and informative knowledge.

The Platform is more focussed on providing the best-experienced learning of Lifestyles and its various techniques such as:

1. Yoga principle.
2. Yoga therapy.
3. Ayurveda home remedies.
4. Pranayama- Proper Breathing exercise.
5. Yoga in daily routine tips and tricks.
6. Measure precautions and benefits. 7. Motivation, Informational and Inspirational story and poem.

8. Spiritual philosophy from Saint, Guru, Sadguru, and Divine Master. 9. Fitness Principle and Nutrition diet.

Nirbhay Kumar (Yoga Instructor) is highly keen to share all the above information with timely updates on this platform.

“Health is Wealth” became a famous phrase around the world. The meaning of this phrase is priceless. We cannot purchase or sell health, it is priceless, but we can have it only if we work out and follow the Yoga principle and Ayurvedic lifestyle to get. The purpose of the blog only educational information and not to substitute for medical advice. Please contact your trainer, doctor, yoga expert before making any lifestyle changes.

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